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Kia ora Mama to be,

Congratulations on preparing to welcome your new little darling earthside! This can be a wild time, filled with a huge range of intense emotions; from joy to fear, excitement to uncertainty, and everything in between. 

And it’s completely understandable why. This is likely to be THE BIGGEST shift in your life. No matter how many well-meaning loved ones offer you advice or anecdotes from their own experience, nothing quite prepares you for your journey. Because it is uniquely yours, and that is what makes it so transformative! 

One thing that is common across the board, however, is the power in community at a sacred time like this. Research proves that when we come together as women, as mothers, and share our experience with the collective; we are much more likely to experience more positive outcomes mentally and emotionally. There is so much power in walking the road together, and in seeing and in being seen. Our pregnancy yoga classes are a beautiful container for this journey to take place. 

Along with connection and community, pregnancy yoga also offers a tonne of other benefits including: 

Body Awareness: our body changes on the daily during pregnancy, and yoga can help to tune in to this and embrace all of these changes 

Strength & Flexibility: Childbirth and raising babies is not for the faint of heart! Yoga can help you build stamina and mental resilience 

Stress reduction: Ease tension and relax in to this precious time with some safe breathing exercises and gentle, restorative postures

My name is Alex and I am the lead Pregnancy Yoga Teacher at Soul Studio. I believe with every inch of my being that when a mother thrives, her children and extended family do too – and as a result an entire society thrives. Your health and wellbeing is so important Mama – through your pregnancy and, more importantly, in the days, weeks, and months after your baby arrives. Here at Soul we want to invest in YOU, so that you can have the most optimal experience and enjoy this joyful time of your life. 

I am a Mother to three young children, all under five years old. I had my babies in quick succession and “intense” is an understatement when it comes to describing these recent years. You will think I’m nuts when I say my Husband and I actually planned it this way (hehe)! I was blessed with three healthy, active and positive pregnancies and three incredible unmedicated home births. I credit so much of this to my regular yoga and meditation practices throughout all of my pregnancies. My postpartum periods were generally pretty good, although I did experience some anxiety and overwhelm after the birth of my second babe. It was during this time that I leaned heavily on short but potent practices and rituals I have learned through yoga to help guide me through and bring me back to  my centre and my place of joy. It was during this time that I learned the power of micro- moments of self care, of building a village, and most importantly, in finding a tribe of like-minded Mamas who I could mother alongside, sharing in the tough moments, the overwhelm, the joys, and the stressors. 

Now I want to share this with you. The power of yoga, the power of micro rituals, and the power of community when it comes to making your motherhood journey the best it can be. I am a qualified and experienced yoga teacher and workshop/retreat facilitator with specific training in pre and postnatal movement. I bring to the mat 20 years of experience of working with moving bodies, first as a dance teacher and now as a yoga teacher. Pregnancy, postpartum, and early motherhood is still so fresh and relevant for me and so I am thrilled to be able to guide you along your journey. 

Within our pregnancy yoga classes at Soul, we will explore a balance of pregnancy safe sequences to build strength and endurance for childbirth and beyond, and gentle restorative poses to open and relax the body, easing tension, tightness and stress. These classes will be fluid, adaptable to your needs, with plenty of space for being ourselves and having fun! 

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or have never stepped on a mat in your life, you are welcome here. This class is open to Mums to be of all yoga experience levels and all trimesters, 50 minutes long with time available afterwards to enjoy a cuppa and connection with other Mums to be. It is perfect for you if you know that investing in your health and wellbeing at this special time is an effective way to set yourself up for success in pregnancy and beyond, as well as a potent opportunity to deepen that magical bond with your growing babe. 

So, this is your invitation to join us Mama, and take the next step on this amazing journey!

To learn more, head to  the Classes tab on our website 

With all the love,