Soul Works

Soul Works Offering

For organisations whose leaders are invested in the mental and spiritual health of their people SoulWorks offers soulful workshops, coaching and events.

Our offerings are developed and delivered by experienced meditation, clinicians, yoga teachers and health professionals. Unlike other programmes SoulWorks support people and teams connect at the core of being human – something everyone is looking for. Programmes and events tailored to your teams needs


If you are noticing your people are a little unsettled, anxious or a little disconnected SoulWorks yoga offering might be a fit for your organisation.

Alleviating stress, reducing physical discomfort that comes with sitting for too long and enhancing mental acuity are some of the many benefits of an expertly delivered yoga session.

Unlike other workplace yoga SoulWorks is led by a highly experienced business leader (and yoga teacher of 13 years) who understands the investment and challenges of corporate health offerings and their impact.


If you are seeking a skill for your team that will support their vitality, confidence and sense of calm, we suggest meditation.

SoulWorks techniques employed in learning meditation share a common theme – harnessing and concentrating the power of the mind. Benefits include increased focus, enhanced memory and a general feeling of peace and connection.

SoulWorks will lead your group through a structured guided mediation session customised for your workplace setting.Specific to SoulWorks our meditation practises can incorporate a movement or mindfulness modality.

Health Workshops

If it’s a interactive workshop or an inspirational health for your team SoulWorks offer professional, relatable and soulful delivery.

SoulWorks offer a range of subject matters including Ecco Therapy, Nutrition, Gut Health, Sleep and Winter Immunity. Mind-Body Connection, Habit Formation and Becoming A Soul Nerd. Health Talks are customised for your team. Hosted by real people with real stories delivering meaningful content.

All three modalities can be provided at your workplace. Alternatively we offer exclusive use of the studio for your group.


Massage is one of the simplest ways to show employees that you care. A simple addition to your workplace, events or conference.

Lower stress, reduce muscle tension and rejuvenate the mind and the body. Chair massage can add value to any workplace, event or conference.

Let us tailor a package specifically for your needs.


Soul Works Team

Sarah O’Connell

Executive Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, Health Coach, Keynote, Studio Owner, Yoga Instructor

Sarah combines her stories, knowledge, experience and skills to provide engaging and meaningful wellness support in corporate culture. She has collaborated with business leaders to help them accomplish their workplace ambitions whilst remaining whole and well. She empowers leaders who want to confidently bring all of themselves – their intellect, intuition, awareness and opinions to strategy, people development and the board room.

As a yoga teacher of 12 years, Sarah founded Soul Studio and SOULWORKS in west Christchurch in late 2021 – a space to move mindfully, celebrate your strength, and invest in your physical health, fitness, mental health and soul. Soul Studio is designed to accommodate collaboratively designed yoga classes, health talks, workshops, psychological support, sleep experts and more.

With ownership, directorship and acquisition experience across the businesses sector and in the corporate sector as a senior executive, she understands first-hand the dynamics, challenges and opportunities for individuals and teams within both.

Sarah’s speciality areas include: Executive coaching, Business mentoring, Health coaching, Yoga, Stress and Burnout, Mindfulness and Public Speaking.

Kim West

Holistic Health Coach, Resort Wellness Consultant, Pilates Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Speaker, Essential Oils Educator, Gut Health Specialist, CranioSacral Therapist and Self-Healer of Autoimmune Disease

Kim specialises in supporting women in leadership to disrupt the stress spiral, boost their energy and re-balance mind, body and spirit through a holistic wellness approach customized to their needs through her signature online program Holistic Health Solution.

Raised in Southern California, Kim self-healed from a serious gut disease (ulcerative colitis) diagnosed at age 14. After her colon was removed at age 22, she embarked on a wellness journey that has become her life’s work and purpose.

Kim has worked with industry leaders in finance, entertainment, arts and fashion helping them in the areas of nutrition, mindset, emotional regulation, postural support, physical strength and mobility for the last 12 years.

She received her BFA in dance in 2008 and then her Pilates certification in 2009 from the Kane School, an anatomically rigorous, progressive training in New York City. While co-directing a dance company for 7 years she studied functional anatomy and wellness from both western and eastern perspectives while in NYC.

After consulting on a wellness programme at a luxury resort in Turks and Caicos, Kim was invited to travel worldwide as a pilates practitioner and health coach with international oligarchs.

In 2016, Kim was selected to become a Pilates Master Instructor with Balanced Body to train and certify new Pilates instructors worldwide. As a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, she currently focuses on health coaching for career-driven individuals.

Kim continues to be a student of instinctive mediation, Body-Mind Centering, Ayurveda and personal mentorship. Married to a kiwi, she moved to New Zealand in 2017.

Kim’s speciality areas include: Holistic health coaching, Yoga and meditation, Pilates, postural strengthening and injury therapy, Pelvic floor support, Customised nutrition, Gut health, Stress relief, Sustainable energy, Retreat facilitation, Aromatherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Mindset and habit mentoring.

Rosie Moreton

Masters Student of Counselling in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, Overseas Retreat Facilitator and Thai Massage Therapist

Rosie’s diverse health and wellness experience expands across cultures and languages as she spent six years facilitating yoga and mindfulness abroad, deepening her awareness of our universal connection to self, nature and community.

Rosie started practicing yoga as a teenager and completed Traditional Hatha Yoga training in 2015 in a whitewashed village in Spain. She took on a teaching internship at a Cambodian retreat center which sparked her interest in leading retreats and immersed her into the practice of integral yoga.

Rosie co-founded a unique retreat company partnering with eco-resorts and resorts for charity in Thailand and Portugal hosting guests from around the world. She studied Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand, giving her a deeper understanding of the body and energetic pathways.

Now based in Christchurch with her partner, Rosie has intentionally returned to a grounded, slower pace of life and acknowledges the clear connection between our health and the health of our planet. She has expanded her offerings in mind-body connection, eco-therapy, trauma-informed yoga and emotional regulation.

Rosie is currently studying towards a Master of Counselling in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and plans to integrate counselling practice with yoga and mindfulness to help her clients open the pathways of communication between mind and body.

Rosie’s speciality areas include: Yoga teaching, Trauma-informed yoga, Mind-body connection, Mindfulness therapy, Eco-therapy, Emotional regulation, Thai Massage, Solution-focused therapy, Mental health counselling, Stress relief and Retreats.