Social Club

Soul Studio Social Club is a place for individuals to come together to form a community centred around health and well-being. Our club welcomes everyone with an interest in health to join — regardless of whether you are a yogi or not!

Once a month the team at Soul will host a night in our studio where an expert in a health and well-being field will deliver a talk on their area of expertise. Topics for these talks will be diverse — spanning from meditation and mindfulness to nutrition and sleep hygiene. No yoga studio membership is required to attend, but a small koha of $10 per talk is required.

In conjunction with these talks, our social club will also offer opportunities to give back to our community in ways that inspire our members. Some examples of such activities include: making birthday cards for children in homeless shelters, writing letters to seniors in care facilities, maybe cooking for families at Ronald McDonald House. Maanatikinga is one of our core values at Soul Studio; we believe in the importance of connecting with our community, and the positive impact this connection can have on our physical and mental health.

The team at Soul welcomes all. We celebrate everyone of all ages, abilities, genders, sizes, sexualities, and ethnicities. Our social club’s aim is to create a safe space where all members feel empowered to improve their mental and physical health through knowledge and community.

Keep an eye out for our first event in November. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Any questions please contact