This miraculous powder absorbs toxins to reduce excessive intestinal gas accumulation, bloating and other contaminants in the digestive system. It’s created from 100% natural steam-purified coconut shells, and can also be used to whiten teeth and absorb excess oil from hair and skin.

Kiki Health Activated Charcoal is a finely reduced powder (5-10 microns), which presents a huge surface area for the absorption of unwanted substances. Just be sure not to take it straight after or before medications (as it can absorb these too!).

✓ Activated charcoal contributes to reducing excessive flatulence after eating
✓ Helps to absorb and remove toxins
✓ Natural teeth whitener that polishes and removes plaque
✓ Odourless and tasteless
✓ Made from 100% sustainable coconut shells

Comes in 70g size.