New To Soul Studio


A Message from Sarah

Hey newbie!

I remember going to yoga for the first time. Not knowing what was going to happen, what the people would be like. Was I going to be able to do it, or anything?

What happened if I couldn’t keep up? Was the teacher was going to tell me off? Was I wearing the right gear – did I have the right mat?

RELAX – we got ya back at Soul. It is my personal promise that we will look after you. That we will care deeply for you as you show courage to begin your yoga.

Here are a few useful steps that might help comfort and support you.

Shortly after you join, one of our team will be in touch to see how you are going and provide any support you need.

Step 1. Purchase your Soul Starter

Students in hot yoga class Christchurch NZ

Our Soul Starter offer is $38 for 15 days  – that’s $2.53 per day – for two weeks of yoga. You are welcome to begin by attending our Soul Beginners class, or any of our open classes  – Soul Flow, Soular Power, Soul Balance and Restorative/Yin. Available once to all new Soul clients. You can buy here.

Step 2. Book your Class Online

Soul recommends this, however drop-ins can be accommodated if you are a newbie. Once you have purchased your Soul Starter, you can book classes via the timetable or download our free app for easy booking options.

Just a note on this – our bookings policy for all classes is a 30 minutes prior to a class – ka pai. Bookings can be made and cancelled via the App or on the website.

Step 3. Come See Us at the Studio

Students in hot yoga class Christchurch NZ

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class. Expect a warm welcome and support making sure you know where things are and that you have all you need, including water, mat and maybe a towel. Please feel free to bring your own, but don’t stress we hire them at Soul. You can meet your teacher and we can chat through anything we might need to know related to any injuries or health issues that we may need to be mindful of. Clothes? Just wear clothes in which you can move well in, in the heat.

Step 4. ENJOY – hakinakina

Students in hot yoga class Christchurch NZ

Whether you are new here at Soul Studio, or a seasoned practitioner, you are entering a new whare. We encourage you to just take things in your stride. Your teacher is there to help guide you. If you do not understand, or simply need clarity, just let your teacher or one of the Soul team know. We don’t bite.

Step 5. Get Involved

We love questions and feedback. Please come chat after class to us or your fellow yogis. We would love to hear about your experience and we promise we will listen respectfully as we build community.