Soul Studio’s launch is sooo close! To all of you who have joined us on Facebook and Instagram and sent us emails and messages, thank you so much for taking the time to support and encourage the journey of Soul Studio Hot Yoga!

For now, I wanted to share a little about my journey and the story behind the Soul brand. So that you know there is a REAL person behind the vision in offering of Soul Hot Yoga to our Christchurch Community.

When I was seven, I wanted to be a ballerina. My mother enrolled me, along with one of my four sisters, to lessons. Three weeks later we were asked to leave – the teacher said we talked too much and didn’t take it seriously… My sister talks a lot.

At home my Mother continued to encourage me to dance. To lose myself in movement.

I wanted to be an actress. At 17 years I became anorexic. My eating disorder stayed with me until I finally recovered at 25 years. I never went to drama school – instead, when I left school, my Dad (God rest his soul) got me a job at the National Bank.

At 28 years, after the birth of my first daughter Ellen and as a single Mum, I trained with Les Mills as an aerobics instructor. I taught for 8 years in a community gym – Body Tamers (shout out ). I adored it.

Eight year later after the birth of my second daughter Sacha and years working in the Hospitality and Tourism sector and in the fitness industry, I let go of my squats and super sets and joined one of my three brothers to retrain as a business coach.

In 2008 I bought into a health and safety company. At the same time I started looking for a new movement modality that I might explore teaching. Someone suggested yoga. It all sounded a little ‘tree huggie’ to me. My first class was Bikram. During that class I was not sure I was going to survive the 90 minutes. I felt sick, and elated – confused and faint and everything in between. Lying in savasana at the end of class I knew I had found ‘my thing’. Yoga had hooked my deeply – fully – completely.

The dancer in me was honoured. I was honoured.

A month after the first Christchurch earthquake I left NZ and studied for a month in Koh Samui – my first of many teacher trainings. I taught for ten years whilst managing and growing a team of 50 in my H&S work.

In 2012 I met Adam – on the mat. He was practising to support his back health after years of lugging granite and stone in his family business.

Now it is 2021. I am 52 with years of yoga teaching, coaching, building business, developing teams, governance, family and community in my toolbox. I am super excited to bring my journey now to my love of yoga and wellbeing. If you ask those who know me I’m pretty sure they would say I’m inclusive, curious, a little funny, courageous and kind.

Adam and I are deeply excited and grateful to have the opportunity to build the community offering of Soul Studio Hot Yoga. Guided by the values of yoga, the practise of asana and inclusion through community.

As one of eight children I like to play with others. I honour those who have already come to the Soul table to help support the vision of making yoga accessible to Aotearoa through community. I honour those as part of the wider Yoga community and those who have gone before.

A little look into a soulful life.