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Soul Studio FAQ

I’m not flexible – is Yoga still for me?2021-08-09T15:20:25+12:00

Absolutely. Yoga has many benefits. Some bodies want to build strength and condition. Some want to find ways to move mindfully. Others to increase lean muscle – and some just want to stretch and slow down. Yoga has a ton of benefits. You’re all good the way you are. Just come along.

Can I book classes online?2021-08-09T15:20:49+12:00

You sure can! Simply book via our website or download the free app and book away! Classes open for booking three days out.

What if the class I want to attend is full?2021-08-09T15:21:17+12:00

If the class is full, you will be placed on the waitlist. When, and if, another student cancels, you will automatically be added to the class and will receive an email and/or text message. If your plans have changed, we just ask that you please cancel your booking as soon as possible. Ka pai.

What should I wear to Yoga and how do I prepare?2021-08-09T15:21:39+12:00

The room (shala) is heated so maybe something that you might exercise in on a warm summer’s day. Don’t rush out and buy a new outfit. Come as you are. Maybe hang ten on food (kai) for 90 minutes before you practise, or just have a little snack if you are super hungry.

Do I need a mat and water?2021-08-09T15:22:05+12:00

Yes – if you have them, please bring them. We have them here to buy and hire, but we all want to save the planet so if you can – then do.

I’m a beginner and I’m a little anxious – what class should I do first?2021-08-09T15:22:36+12:00

We hear you. We were there too! It’s OK – you got this, and we’ve got you covered. We have some beginners’ classes on the schedule OR you could start with Soul Combo. Our teachers are great and are experts in supporting ‘new souls’. Whichever offering you choose, we will watch out for you.

What facilities do you have at Soul Studio?2021-08-09T15:23:11+12:00

Here’s a quick-fire list:

We’ve got showers, shampoos, conditioners, hairdryers, hair straighteners, towels for hire, free lockers, bike stands, drinks for purchase, mats for hire (free if you biked!) – and oh yeah, we have loos too!

Is yoga compatible with my spiritual beliefs?2021-09-29T17:56:11+13:00

Yes, as Yoga is not a religion. It is a collection of scientifically proven techniques designed to develop and enhance your health and wellbeing, amongst other things.

What associations are you connected with?2021-09-27T14:41:12+13:00

We are connected with Yoga New Zealand and Exercise New Zealand.


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