Photo Credit: Stacey Cox 

Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting to our very own Dan Salisbury on “That Yoga Podcast”, where he shared some of his most effective tools for practising self care and kindness with ourselves both on and off the mat. 

The episode is such a treat, and well worth a listen, and we encourage you to check it out  on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

In the meantime, Dan has generously shared some of his key insights and wisdom here in blog form for us to enjoy in a quick read format. We invite you to grab yourself a cuppa, and enjoy this dive into the rituals of self care …

In the podcast you talk about the power of manifesting and the importance of words, can you expand on this please Dan?

With manifesting on an emotional level…You might love more love in your life for example. Sometimes, we’ve been hurt, or our heart is protected, and inviting in love can be a big step. While it would be great to be able to say (and believe/know!) ‘Thank you I easily attract love into my life now’ it might be a more bite-sized piece and achievable to start with saying ‘Thank you I am open to allowing and easily receiving more love in my life from now on’ . Something like that softens it and might feel more authentic or believable. Play with it so it fits for you – keep the words affirming, with gratitude, like you already have it now. 

While you are on the journey of manifesting (we are all learning it), writing it down or/and saying it out loud are powerful. And perhaps keep your heart desired intention to yourself or only share with a loved one who you really know will be fully and only supportive. Budding dreams can be trampled on if you say your heart longing to a person who has their own limiting belief pattern about something, that is contrary to yours. 

If you catch yourself falling into old unuseful speaking patterns, just smile to yourself. ‘Cancel Retract Delete’. They’ve been there a lifetime (or multiple lifetimes!) so give yourself a break on expecting to never talk that way again. I still catch myself sometimes speaking as I used to. Not as often or as much and I’m quicker now in noticing when I do so I can change gear/direction smartly. Keep your sense of humour in it. You’re not going to be arrested by the ‘you can’t manifest yet’ police 

Fasting has become a big part of your life and you are enjoying many benefits. How does your fasting routine look?

With intermittent fasting, keep drinking as you normally would. Two glasses of (love and kindness infused) water in the morning can fill you up until you eat at 11am. And of course, you can have your morning tea or coffee as well before 11am, just see how you go holding off the food until mid morning. This also takes self discipline, determination and time like any new habit takes to form. Again bite size pieces, pardon the pun. You might for the first week not eat until 9am. Then try the second week not eating til 9.15am. Third week you could push it out to 9.30am, getting used to it, trying it out. Again life happens, no hard and fast rules, even three or four days a week is a start. Sometimes you just gotta eat depending on mood, what’s coming up in your day and timing. Berating yourself or judgements about not achieving this (or anything) are on any given day are not helpful, kind or necessary 

And lastly, you focus on the importance of sleep and asserting healthy respectful boundaries in this podcast episode – what are two key takeaways for our readers which you could share here?

Coffee is one to perhaps avoid before sleep. So many TV shows used to present a coffee before bed. Those characters must’ve been awake half the night! A coffee or two in the morning is great. Once you get into the afternoon/ evening, it’s likely to be more a hindrance than a help to you unless you’re trying to stay awake on a long drive or late night deadline project. ‘Energy drinks’ however, if you have them, might be something to consider leaving in your past!

When someone asks you to that party you’d rather not attend, when every fibre of your being says ‘no’ but an obligatory ‘yes’ is about to escape your mouth, practice saying ‘I’ll get back to you instead’. What an act of self kindness that is!

Keep your eyes (and ears) out for more of Dan’s gentle and encouraging wisdom coming your way soon!