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Hot Yoga – We See Every Body

Soul Studio Hot Yoga classes have been developed to suit a range of health and fitness goals and abilities: from absolute beginners to advanced hot yoga enthusiasts, and those experienced in a more advanced yoga who are ready to turn up the heat.

All Soul classes are built on the principles of yoga asana being intention, breath, movement and awareness.

Learn more about our classes, or contact our team if you’d like help deciding which is right for you.

Soular Power

Practice with Purpose

Like Flow, but different, at 35˚C. Power sees postures often held for longer and enables you to explore more technical poses. Transitioning through the standing series via plank poses, Power challenges and tests your stamina while allowing you to be fully present in your body. Arm balances and backward bends are offered in our Power practice.

60-minutes | 35˚C

Soul Flow

Get your glow on with Soul Hot Flow!

Soul Hot Flow is an energetic practise acknowledging the desire for dynamic movement paired with regulated breathing. This 60-minute, 38˚C class enables the facilitation of stretch and strengthening, and includes standing sequences, balances, core and floor work and guided relaxation. Students are welcome to lie down and rest at any stage during the class.

60 or 75-minutes | 38˚C

26&2 (Bikram Method)

A series of 26 asana poses ( originally the Bikram method ) designed to scientifically warm up, stretch the body, muscles, ligaments, tendons glands, and tissue in a heated studio. Build strength and flexibility, balance, and a feeling of intense physical and mental wellbeing. Each posture builds upon the previous for muscle tone and vibrant health.

75-minutes | 40˚C

Soul Yin Yang

Come Together with Soul Balance

The perfect balance of yin and yang – mobility and movement, soothing and stabilising. Soul Combo offers the goldilocks of yoga for many. This 30˚C class is just right. Often a starting point for new yogis or those wanting an all-in-one 60-minute mindful practice of stretch and strengthening.

60-minutes | 30˚C

Soul Restorative Yin

Where Diversity Meets Inclusion

Bringing together yin and restorative poses on the floor, or lying down, that support deep release. A slow and restful blend offering increased mobility through the pelvis, hips and spine. This 30˚C class provides rest and mental and emotional relaxation.

60-minutes | 30˚C

Soul Beginner

Let us look after you

Our Soul Beginners classes are a four-week introduction to yoga asana, including foundational postures and their benefits. New souls will learn a little yoga lingo, breathing techniques and enough anatomy to keep you safe as a starter. These classes roll over every month so anyone can jump on in.

60-minutes | 35˚C

Soul Pilates Fusion

An energising and balanced practice for all levels. Yoga Pilates Fusion blends yoga asana poses with the precision of the Pilates method to tone, strengthen and lengthen your body while improving your posture, alignment and balance. Using diaphragmatic breathing and corrective spine exercises, YPF leaves you feeling connected and centered.

60-minutes | 30˚C


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Soul Studio isn’t just a place to stretch and sweat – we’re a diverse and social community of hot yoga enthusiasts and whanau curious about health. Get involved. Connect. Collaborate. Find your tribe. Join us at our next workshop or event.