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Soul Studio Hot Yoga

Nau mai ka a tatou katoa ki tenei tepu.

At this table, everyone is welcome.

Based in a purpose-fitted, calming and welcoming studio in Christchurch, Soul Studio offers hot yoga classes, health workshops, events and more – accessible for ‘every body’.

We value inclusivity, diversity, curiosity and community, and respect each individual’s unique journey: from new souls, beginners to practised yogis.

Mauri tū mauri ora. An active soul is a healthy soul.

Our commitment is to care deeply for your yoga and health journey. To do all we can to make you feel safe and supported.

Soul Studio operates sustainably on the principals of becoming a BCorp business.  Certified B Corporation. We believe in business that balances purpose and profit and a force for good.

We offer a collaborative approach, with a community co-op and advisory board guiding our values and practices.

Our mission is to support communities in accessing yoga for enhancing the capabilities and functioning of the mind and body – and to nourish the soul.

We’re delighted to have you join us!


Hot Yoga Studio

Conveniently located on Mandeville Street in Christchurch, Soul Studio is a space to sweat, celebrate your strength, find connection with body and mind, and invest in your physical health, fitness, mental health and spirit. Our modern shala/studio includes dedicated spaces to accommodate our collaboratively designed yoga classes, health talks, workshops and events.


Soul Philosophy

We Care Deeply

About our clients, the yoga we teach, and company and our culture. That our people feel seen. Your feeling of safety matters to us. Compassion, communication and respect. We care about being consistent, inclusive, and our impact on the environment.

Every Day, We Make a Difference

Soul Studio offerings have real purpose and benefits related to community and health. We’re committed to improving ourselves and the company. Delivering value for our clients is always at the heart of what we do.

We are Transparent by Design

We value accountable, open and honest communication. Asking for and giving candid and considered feedback. Admitting and learning from mistakes. Always learning.

We Have an Abundant Mindset

At Soul Studio we have fun, are joyful and practise balance. Collaborative, and financially fair. Both sustainable and profitable. Yoga asana and beyond.

Soul Trust

We are in the middle of the exciting process of establishing a charitable trust. This new, not for profit organisation will be named Soul Community Trust – Otautahi and will exist alongside yet separate to Soul Studio and Soul Works.

Soul’s mission and vision is that our yoga serves as a way to support the community of Christchurch to feel seen, to feel included, and to gain the tools for optimal health and wellness through the powerful benefits of the practice.

Recognising that there are a number of barriers that can limit or prevent people from accessing yoga, and understanding the potency of the practice in supporting people on their wellness journeys, we want to make more yoga available to more people – regardless of their socio-economic circumstances and mental health status.

It’s no surprise Sarah is a passionate advocate for mental health, given that almost one in two New Zealanders (47%) will experience some form of mental health challenge in their lifetime (Mental Health Foundation 2022).

This is why the work of this trust will begin in this space. Alongside introducing Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes to the studio, we are considering and researching how Soul Trust can best serve – how we can meet more unmet needs and which projects can enable us to share the powerful benefits of yoga even further into our community.

Watch this space as the trust comes to life and the Soul community starts to serve even more people through yoga!

Soul Studio Impact Statement

Walking in to one of Sarah’s yoga classes has come to be one of the highlights of my week! Yoga with Sarah is fun, challenging, restorative and I always leave the class feeling better than when I walked in. Sarah is a highly skilled teacher, and her classes cater for all abilities and experience. I feel encouraged to explore new postures within a safe and protective space and to trust and accept how my body is different each day.

Kate Todd

Sarah is an extra special yoga teacher who exudes warmth, kindness, knowledge and humour – helping yogis access what they need from their practice, on that day. I have been a follower of Sarah’s classes for over 3 years and having her as a teacher has definitely enriched my yoga practice. However you are feeling when you arrive, Sarah brings you mentally and emotionally onto your mat with her well-chosen, thought provoking words.

Philippa Ford

Sarah’s yoga classes take me on a journey, not only physical but also emotional, where mindfulness plays a main role. Her thorough and thoughtful instruction awakens me in a variety of ways, and I always leave the room feeling refreshed and happy. She is a wonderful, caring and beautiful yoga teacher, and I have loved every class I’ve taken with her. Thank you, Sarah! I look forward to many more yoga classes with you! Namaste.

Victoria Castellanos de Escaip

Sarah, what wonderful news regarding the announcement of the opening of your new “Soul Studio Hot Yoga”. I have always loved and held in high regard your personal teaching practice over the years. Congratulations, see you in practice.

Paul Hunter


Hot Yoga Event

He waka eke noa.
A vehicle upon which everyone may embark.